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An Introduction to The Mafia Network (TMN)

Have you ever wondered what it's like in the mafia world? Here is your chance to find out. The Mafia Network (TMN) is a virtual world that attempts to mimick a real-life, modern world of criminals, ranking from lowly scums pickpocketing pedestrians for a quick cash, to highly regarded legends of the street, master of all organized crimes.

Starting in the world of TMN as a newbie can be very confusing and intimidating. But hey, that's how it is in the real criminal world, being bullied by those of higher ranks. In such a "dog eats dog" situation, it's "kill or be killed". You start off as a Scum, and work your way up to higher ranks such as Gangster, Assassin, Boss, etc. to the highest rank in TMN world: the Legend. However, your ultimate goal is not just to become Legend, as being one will not guarantee security for you and your properties. The best thing to do would be to build or join existing alliances (called "Networks") who would help you build your reputation, as well as get you back on track in case you get killed. Learn to make friends with powerful people, and kill those who stand on your way to show the world that you are not to be messed with.

To earn money, you will need to do crimes such as robbing a gas station, selling weapons, ... or stealing cars and sell for money. These crimes will give you experience required to go on the next rank. The easiest way to rank up would be doing Organized Crimes(OC) with players of higher rank. You can also do drugs/booze run for extra cash. As you become familiar with the mafia world, there are more way to earn much much more money, such as owning properties. TMN world has a variety of properties you could own, such as casinos, airports, and bullets factories. Bullets Factories are always the most sought-after and most valuable properties, as without bullets, you cannot kill.

When you need to kill someone, it may be confusing at first, as you are unsure what amount of bullets to use. In the real world, a couple bullets would suffice, but to make killing more challenging in the game, we made it so you will need many more bullets to kill someone (we're talking about thousands of bullets, but hey they're quite cheap and produced in mass at Bullets Factories every hour).

Besides all the crimes, there are also other things to do in your spare time, such as playing at the casinos, or challenge your friend to a car race. The Game Forum is a great place for you to discuss on-going game events with other players. If you have questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs), or befriend with someone in the game and they will show you around.

There are so much more in the TMN world for you to explore and discover, but that's all we have to tell you right now. Enjoy the game and don't forget to abind by the rules we listed in the Terms of Service.